8 Easy Ways To Hu Tao Cosplay Genshin Impact

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A Hu Tao cosplay has been created by a fan that captures the mysterious spirit of the series' ghostly character. The costume was created by babsofthegalaxy, and then posted to the Genshin Impact Reddit Page. The elaborate Hu Tao cosplay took her 2 weeks to complete and has been a hit with fans across the globe. Despite not being able see her ghostly companion, hu tao cosplay babsofthegalaxy created the tiny flowers that are in Hu Tao's eyes. This is something few other artists have ever achieved.

Caterina'mochichuu’ Rocchi's spooky reenactment of the polearm user

Caterina's moochichuu Rocchi was transformed into a spooky reenactment Hu Tao, a polearm user, to celebrate Halloween. Her costume made the cosplay scene become a viral phenomenon. Hu Tao's debut came with Genshin Impact 1.3 Moment of Bloom Banner however, the character is set to return in November 2021. This costume will make a great Halloween accessory for MiHoYo gacha fans!

Keqing Cosplay's spooky re-creation of the character

Genshin Impact fans have been wanting a cosplay character of Hu Tao, the main protagonist of the video game. However, a spooky costume of Hu Tao might just be the perfect Halloween costume for you. Keqing Cosplay collaborated with a photographer to create this creepy re-creation Hu Tao. She recreated Hu Tao's famous funeral parlor uniform by wearing a black velvet top, hat, and turban.

This spooky re-creation by Keqing Cosplay is inspired by the character of the popular Genshin Impact. You can wear it at a convention for cosplay, Hu Tao cosplay an event for Halloween, hu tao jacket or just to be a bit scary to people. If you're planning on wearing it at a cosplay gathering, it's advisable to order the size larger than you normally would. The size is usually determined by hand measurement, so be prepared for 1-3cm error.